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Goodbye Cable

After years thinking about it, I finally decided to cut the cord. But before doing that I first tried to negotiate a better rate with my local cable company (they were charging me a ridiculous $80/month for just basic cable with CNN, CNBC, and a few others). That approach of calling them threatening to cancel my service and being transferred to the Retention Department and after going back and forth getting a $20 discount on my plan doesn’t appear to work anymore. For some reason, over the last couple of years Cable companies have decided that it is not worth it to keep customers so I was left with no choice but to cancel my TV cable service.

So I went ahead and purchased this Indoor HD Digital TV Antenna and I now get all the broadcast channels that I need.

In addition to that, I occasionally subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Redbox, and others in order to get some interesting movies but the reality is, I haven’t missed not having cable at all. In fact, I found out that I quickly run out of movies to watch on the streaming services such as Netflix and that I prefer to do other activities like sports, playing games, or spending time with my family instead.

I will write soon and report on how I’m doing without cable service. So far, I haven’t missed the service at all but we’ll see how it goes.

Update: I purchased Amazon Recast to record live television. Love it.

If you don’t use cable in your home anymore, please write a comment and let me know what your experience has been and what service you use instead.

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