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National Sushi Day – Get Your Free Sushi

So here is the money saving tip of the day.

Today September 30th is National Sushi Day and some sushi restaurants are offering discounts or special deals to attract customer. This is a great opportunity to go out with your family or friends and enjoy a free or almost “free lunch”. So search in your area and find a really good deal and go for it. For example, PF Chang’s is offering a free order of Spicy Tuna or California Roll, no strings attached. I went there last year for lunch with my business partners and it was great. Literally, you can just order a sushi roll and water and leave but I recommend buying at least some tea so you show your appreciation for the restaurant.

Don’t forget to still tip your server though. Remember… here at FI Planet, we are frugal but WE ARE NOT CHEAP.
The wait staff works hard to serve you and they deserve to get paid as well. I already have my reservation for this evening with my wife and my kid. Can’t wait.


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